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The Burberry Bucket Bag – 12 Bucket Bag






Dalla passerella alle città, è il fenomeno delle Bucket Bag di Burberry . Questa selezione limitata di borse, ha visto la luce sulla passerella dalla collezione donna autunno/inverno 2015, e ora inizia la sua vita, arrivando nelle boutique Burberry di 12 città del mondo selezionate dal marchio.
Sono 12 i modelli che Burberry lancia sul mercato e tutti hanno in comune uno spirito bohemien, facilmente riconoscibile nei materiali e nel look , morbido camoscio inglese, montone con stampe animalier e frange.
Oltre a questa nuova it-bag, la collezione è stata arricchita da altri due modelli: La Baby Bucket Bag e il Baby Bucket Backpack, parte della Pre-Collezione P/E16 sarà disponibile da Novembre 2015.
From the runway to the city, the bucket bag is the Burberry phenomenon . A selection of limited edition bag, was born on the catwalk from the women’s collection autumn / winter 2015, and now begins its life, arriving in Burberry boutique of 12 cities worldwide selected . Burberry launches on the market 12 models and all have in common a bohemian spirit, easily recognizable by materials and look, English soft suede , mutton with animal prints and fringes.
The collection has been enriched with two other models: The Baby Bucket Baby and Baby Bucket Backpack the collection will be available from November 2015.

Under the red tree

 During the quiet before the storm I spent my time for find inspiration in an amazing book that show the evolution of music posters for me the music and all the items that orbit around it are the real soul of fashion.
The days are really cold and boring but the colors of autumn are beautiful and inspired me to realized a new video… soon here stay tuned.

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BURBERRY Prorsum womenswear spring summer 2013

Metallic, colorful, sexy and cool these four words are enough to describe the Burberry Prorsum collection spring / summer. It had become clear that the LAMEX was the new trend, but if you were not convinced here’s one more reason to run out and buy all the metal you find.
Returning to the parade I think it’s trivial say that was fantastic although this time it’s not raining nothing from the sky and I did not cry but for me it’s still a 10 and praise. I love LAMEX and especially the colors and I particularly liked the sexy side of the world Burberry. I immediately imagined how it would be cool to wear a gold plated leotard with over her LAMEX blouse and the sun glasses and walk around a pool in a LA rooftop … Every season I fall in love of Burberry and you ?! …I suggest you, if you have not seen, to watch the parade in my previous post.

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Ready for…

Ready for The Dream Club at Burberry boutique

wearing: Stella McCartney dress and Superga shoes

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