A unique addition to a photo service or film-making

You’re a photographer or filmmaker and you need a way to brand yourself a positive image. High-quality products are the best way to build a loyal group of customers but to make the process faster; it is worth taking care of the appropriate packaging of photos or USB with film recordings. Producer of wooden boxes Wooden Shop comes to the rescue.

Perception is reality, so why it is worth it?

For many people who order prints, storing photos can be an important matter. A properly selected box for photos or USB is a very interesting and original addition to the service provided, which will not get unnoticed by the customer. Nowadays people appreciate the nice design, that’s why the nicely finished wooden box is a good idea for advertising your own business in the field of occasional photography and filming.

Sophisticated themes to suit many occasions

The online store offers wooden boxes with many interesting motifs and patterns suitable for many occasions. The motifs of the heart, compass or rose flower will work not only for a wedding, but also for Confirmation or First Holy Communion of your child. Additionally, there are also white boxes available that fit perfectly into this style. Therefore, there will be possible to place an order of fairly universal boxes for photos or USB, which will constitute a great addition to a photo or film service for many circumstances.

Handicraft always in demand

The great advantage of wooden boxes is that they were made by hand, and therefore very precisely. Wooden boxes come in a variety of styles – ranging from more modern – colourful to stylized old, which fit perfectly in retro / vintage atmosphere. Such boxes work well as a packaging for prints made from wedding. The careful execution of the boxes will delight the bride and groom and, perhaps, make the photo services highly recommended to friends of the newlyweds.

Wooden boxes for photos

Wood has its own style

Wooden photo boxes are made of natural material that works just great for photo and USB storage, but also looks very good. What is more, wooden elements are very fashionable nowadays in apartments- it makes the elements of decoration at home interesting and fashionable accessories. It is an advantage, because thanks to the aesthetic and trendy packaging, the photographer and the cameraman can reach more customers who – interested in the box – will use their photo or film services.

In harmony with nature, ecology and possible customization

Wooden boxes are made with the use of ecological varnish; therefore their production does not adversely affect the natural environment. In addition, it is possible to order interesting boxes, for example, USB with natural moss filling, cones or sheep fur. Such a filling gives the box an additional atmosphere and makes it even more original and in line with retro trends. Boxes for photos and USB can be customized according to the customer’s wishes – it is possible to choose a theme or one’s own engraving.


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