How often should you wash your hair

The question of how often to wash your hair appears on Internet forums probably more often than that regarding the appropriate preparation. This is for a reason – there are as many answers to this question as there are experts on hair. How often should you wash your hair?

What to wash your hair with

In the discussion on the frequency of hair washing, the equally important, if not the most important aspect of choosing the right cosmetics for their care is very often omitted. The most common errors are the use of improperly matched shampoos and their abuse. They can weaken hair follicle structures or result in faster greasy hair, and even excessive hair loss. The right product should be tailored to the needs of your hair, do not follow the recommendations of friends or family. It is worth focusing on the natural ones, with transparent or translucent consistency. The simpler the composition, the more transparent the shampoo.

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How often to wash your hair

The answer is – it depends. Each of us is different and has a different lifestyle. First of all, the type of scalp and its current condition are important, as well as what type of hair you have and what is their current condition. The tendency to excessive sebum production as well as drying of the skin is also important here. How often you wash your head also depends on how you eat, whether you have time for a morning shower, what work you do, or, for example, in which environment you usually stay. It’s good to follow common sense and the condition of your hair. For frequent hair washing, choose gentle shampoos, once in a while you can do a peeling of the scalp that will thoroughly cleanse the scalp.

How to wash your hair

Like banality, but it turns out that at this stage we also make mistakes. First of all, it is about the amount of the cleaning agent – a whole pea-sized blot is enough to wash the entire head. What’s more, according to the advice of dermatologists, it is worth focusing on gently massaging the head (but without rubbing the scalp!), And leave the rest of the hair alone – foam flowing over them during rinsing will do its job perfectly. And thorough rinsing – even the smallest amount of shampoo should not be left on your hair, otherwise you can get dandruff.

Dry shampoo instead of daily washing

Washing your hair every day is also possible thanks to dry shampoo, which instantly refreshes the hairstyle, and helps to style it. However, it should not replace regular washing with traditional cosmetics. It can irritate the scalp and clog the sebaceous glands. Treat dry shampoo as an ad hoc aid, not as a replacement for ordinary, traditional hair washing.

Specialist treatments

Specialist treatments have the fact that they require regular use of dedicated preparations. In the case of dandruff or oily hair, we clean them every day. If your hair is falling out, it’s a sign that they may be hypoxic. Here also daily washing is advisable to unblock the hair bulbs.



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