how to build a house

The construction of single-story and multi-story single-family houses is quite a big expense. Some costs, however, can be reduced by a good layout of all construction processes, or by abandoning certain elements in the design – for example, a basement. It is also worth estimating the initial construction cost estimate that will determine the approximate scope of expenditure. You can also do the calculations yourself on the construction cost calculator. How to build a house?

Choosing the right plot

Determine how many meters your house should have – you will find out how much plot you need. It is assumed that a plot of 100 sq m will suffice for a 100-meter house. 450-500 sq m A house with an area of ​​200 sq m will fit on a plot of 750-800 sq m. But in some areas, building plots have a fixed minimum area.

A good plot is:

  • slightly inclined to the south. On the south side of the house, the plot should be completely exposed, so that the house can warm the sun freely, and from the north sheltered (e.g. by forest). Do not choose a plot tilted north – the house will be cold and you will pay large heating bills;
  • armed, i.e. it has electricity, water, gas and sewage;
  • included in the spatial development plan (why it is so important – in a moment);
  • without an embarrassing neighborhood (i.e. without a highway or motorway or high-voltage line being built now or in a few years).
house building

Project selection

After purchasing the land, we can look for a house project that will suit us and our plot. The choice of ready-made proposals is huge, their prices are up to several thousand. zł. The design from the catalog must still be entered in the plot (adapted), taking into account the guidelines of the spatial development plan or the decision on building conditions, soil conditions, etc. The investor can also order an individual project – more expensive (several dozen – one hundred and several dozen zlotys / m2), but tailored to the needs and the best way inscribed in the plot.

You must obtain a building permit before building work begins.

Team selection

How to choose a team? Ask candidates about this:

  • do they have their own equipment;
  • what they have built so far (you should talk to the owners of these facilities, how they assess the work of the team);
  • does the contractor have a construction manager who will manage it – you must have it at every construction site!

Sign a contract with the contractor

Set in it:

  • what is the scope of the entrusted works (specify, for example, what you mean by raw state and what by closed state);
  • who supplies the material (if you, then you will travel every 15 minutes to the construction site, bringing e.g. another cement bag; if the contractor, you have less influence on what, where and for how much will be bought);
  • deadline for completing the order, which is exactly the day when the work begins and when it ends;
  • contractual penalties for exceeding this deadline, e.g. statutory interest for each day and settlement method
  • payment schedule (must be linked to construction progress).


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