How to make a YouTube channel

There are two things in favor of being on YouTube – statistics and opportunities. The most popular video site attracts millions of users and gives the brand a lot of tools to help you reach them. The only question is whether you have a good idea on how to create a YouTube channel.

Think about your main goals

Do you want to be more recognizable? Or maybe you want to sell more? Or better yet, combine both of these things and become a respected Youtuber watched by thousands of people? Think carefully about why you want to start the adventure with video, what it should bring you. This way you will know how to start on Youtube and what first steps to take.

Video does not always suit every type of business. However, if you think it is right for you and think about the best way to achieve the intended action. 

youtube channel

Content – the most important aspect

Regardless of which option you invest in, just appearing on YouTube can be a very good decision. First of all, you gain access to a huge number of users who can get to know your brand and take it seriously. Because YouTube is not only a “meat hedgehog”. We also go to YouTube to get specific information. This is where we learn how to make makeup, how to paint a wall, bake cupcakes or what computer to choose. Whether you decide to make your movie funny or serious depends on the personality of your brand and your target audience. It is similar with the quality of the film. There are materials that are perfect in their imperfections and imperfect in perfection. In short, the most important thing is content.


If you decide on a company profile, it is important what idea you have for the whole channel and what needs of users it should meet. Depending on your strategy, you can use a profile to build a professional image – showing experts who answer users’ questions; you can test your products or present a condensed and visualized version of the user manual in movies. To increase user involvement, use free features, such as Spotlight, which allows you to interact with the movie.

Be visible on the site, let yourself be found

SEO (search engine optimization) on YouTube is one big secret and probably no one really knows everything – even the creator of the system. This does not mean, of course, that there are no general principles to follow. You should take care of the catchy title that will encourage the potential viewer to click and ideally contain the key phrase on which the film is positioned. It will also be useful to have a description used by both website users and YT mechanisms that deal with the possible promotion of the film. Also important are tags, i.e. keywords related to the subject and category of the video you published. If everything goes well, there is a good chance that your film will be positioned quite high, thanks to which viewers who do not know your channel will reach it. 



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