How to open rar files

When transferring a large file or a multi-file package, it’s a good idea to compress the file into a ZIP folder. Such a folder is easier to attach in an email, you can quickly and easily download it and then unpack it. Windows 10 does not require installing any additional drivers to open compressed folders.

How to unzip the file

Open File Explorer.

If you want to unpack the whole folder, right click on it. From the popup menu, select Extract All. In the new window you will be asked to indicate where to unpack the folder. Click Extract.

To unpack a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then drag or copy an item from the compressed folder to a new location.

rar files

Advantages of the RAR format

In most cases, the RAR format provides significantly better compression than ZIP, especially in continuous mode.

Another important feature of the RAR format is support for multi-volume archives, which provide greater certainty and are easier to use than multi-part ZIP archives. WinRAR does not support this type of splitting of ZIP archives. If you need to create a multi-volume set, use RAR volumes.

The RAR format also has several important features not present in the ZIP format, such as repair data that allow you to rebuild physically damaged data and protect important archives from accidental modification. The RAR format supports files of virtually unlimited size (up to 8,589,934,591 GB), while the maximum size of a single file in a ZIP archive is 2 GB. Also keep in mind that older file systems do not support files larger than 4 GB, so use the NTFS file system to work with such files.

WinRAR provides complete support for ZIP files, enabling both creation and unpacking.

How to unpack a Zip file

When the installation is finished, you can unzip the Zip file. To do this, right-click on the Zip file you want to open. Then select 7-Zip from the list. Then click Open Archive. Then a new window will appear. At the top you will have the Extract button. Click on them.

Then another window will appear. This time the program will ask you where to save the files that are to be extracted. By default, 7-Zip will want to unpack these files to the same location where the original Zip file is located. If it suits you, just click OK.

However, if you want the program to unpack these files to a different location, click on the three dots icon (…). Then a new window will show you and there you will be able to indicate where you want the newly unzipped files to be saved and then click OK.

Now one last step is left. Click OK to let the program unpack the files. When this process is finished you will be able to use the files that were previously packed.

That’s all, next time the rar files will not be a problem for you!


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